Thursday, June 16, 2005
Zondervan releases final Sci Fi Trilogy
Zondervan Releases ‘The Revealing,’ the Final Book in the “Nephilim Trilogy” by Christian UFO Cult Expert Dr. L.A. Marzulli

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2005 -- Dr. L.A. Marzulli, UFO cult expert and author of the best-selling ‘Nephilim’ and ‘The Unholy Deception,’ today announces the release of ‘The Revealing,’ the stirring conclusion to his Nephilim Trilogy. Marzulli has woven history, biblical prophecy, and his own shocking research into this thrilling trilogy of supernatural, science fiction books. At the trilogy’s core is the author’s personal theory that fallen angels have disguised themselves as aliens, are abducting human women for a sinister breeding program, and initiating a great demonic deception that will culminate with the Antichrist and the Apocalypse.

In Marzulli’s latest book ‘The Revealing,’ the wild events set in motion in ‘Nephilim’ and ‘Unholy Deception’ reach their shocking conclusion. The supposed reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem—a shining light over Jerusalem—has the world on edge. Middle Eastern armies have amassed at Israel’s borders, a Catholic Cardinal dies under suspicious circumstances, and the computer disk on which he gave the identity of the Antichrist is missing. Nuclear war and the end of the world seem imminent.

Opening with the chilling discovery of a giant skeleton under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Marzulli’s trilogy is based on the premise that ancient giant beings called “Nephilim,” who are the unholy offspring sired by fallen angels and born of abducted human women, are reemerging to unleash terror into the modern world scene. The historic origins of this giant hybrid race of Nephilim can be traced to Chapter 6 in Genesis in the Bible before the Flood, and to the ‘Book of Enoch,’ a book discovered with the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Jewish historian Josephus confirms the existence of the creatures, and that the bones of a Nephilim were on display in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

From a secret hospital wing for alien abductees in Los Angeles, to demonic possession, shape shifting, Area 51, the Merovingians, the 1917 Fatima Apparition, Machu Pichu, crop circles, Nazi death camps, and the death of the Pope, the trilogy has mesmerizing ideas, a dynamic, fast-paced plot, and enough government conspiracy theories to please the most demanding sci-fi, paranormal and Bible prophecy fan alike.

“Marzulli is one masterful storyteller with a chillingly believable tale. This is an X-Files type story with demons masquerading as aliens "
- Houston Chronicle

“Marzulli is a frank supernaturalist. He gives us giant skeletons with a fifth nucleotide, little gray creatures who can shift through walls, cattle mutilation with genetic experimentation, ancient holy men with the power to heal people, and a spiritual conflict that makes Frank Peretti's first few offerings seem tame.”
- Christianity Today

“A very provactive scenario… L. A. Marzulli has done his homework.”
- Chuck Missler, author of Alien Encounters

Marzulli is an evangelical Christian who has done in-depth research on UFO cults and the giant Nephilim. In writing the Nephilim Trilogy, he drew heavily on his own research as well as his past personal involvement in the occult and New Age. Although the trilogy is a work of fiction, Marzulli’s research has convinced him that his books’ basic premise about the identity of aliens and their purpose on earth is true.

“I believe serious spiritual deception is going on,” says Marzulli. “I wrote the Nephilim Trilogy to help people understand the spiritual dimensions of the whole alien and UFO phenomenon, which I believe are part of the prophesies about the end of the world in the Book of Daniel, the Book of Revelation, and elsewhere in the Bible.

“At the heart of all of this weird phenomena—whether you’re talking about people who believe in UFOs, stories of alien abductions, or those who claim to have found the tomb of Jesus—is a negation of the religious teachings most of us have grown up with,” Marzulli comments.

“Although these phenomena may seem fringe, that’s only because we don’t realize how many people are caught up in it,” Marzulli says. “One of the tactics of Satan is to introduce something, wait a while, then reintroduce it. The second time around, it doesn’t seem so strange. Back in the 1950s, talk about UFOs was new and bizarre to most people. But now with the hundreds of UFO sightings around the world, growing Hollywood films and TV specials, Art Bell and George Noory on the radio discussing supernatural phenomena, and serious research being done into alien abductions, it seems more believable. I think everything points to demonic deception on a growing scale.”

Released by Zondervan, the books are also available through and Christian retailers nationwide. Now, readers can purchase autographed copies of each book in the series and the complete trilogy through Marzulli’s new, updated website at at special discount prices unavailable anywhere else. Nephilim (1999), The Unholy Deception (2002), and The Revealing (2005) are each priced at $12.00 + S&H. The Nephilim Trilogy is priced at only $29.99 +S&H. And, for a limited time, each purchase of the Nephilim Trilogy through the author’s site comes with a free CD with L.A. Marzulli discussing UFO phenomena and other topics in depth.

About L.A. Marzulli
L.A. Marzulli holds an honorary doctorate from Pacific International University for his groundbreaking research on Nephilim, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs discussing UFOs and the Bible. Also a talented musician and composer who has recorded a number of albums, he is the worship pastor at Mercy Christian Community Church in Agoura Hills, California. For more information, please visit his Spiral of Life website at
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